#castonallthethings to #WIPdown

In May I went on a #castonallthethings binge, which means that my project bags and needles are all dispersed and in a sad heap. I get a little stressed out when I have too many WIPs on my Ravelry projects page (of course), so I’m in the #WIPdown phase at this point. This doesn’t mean that I am not casting on new things at all, but it definitely means I am keeping that to a strict minimum.

This week I cast on and am about 3/4ths done with my “Punky” Napa Cardigan from We Are Knitters which has been really gratifying. The photo above is the beginning of the back panel. I absolutely love chunky knits for their speed and near-instant gratification. Looking forward to finishing the sleeves and seaming in the next couple of days.

Currently working on the cuff of a sock that I started for “May the 4th” and a shawl from the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop 2017. Photos to follow!

Stash enhancement this week-brand spanking new House of A La Mode yarn from StevenBe in Minneapolis. Dear sweet Bradleigh (her Ravelry profile) lives close and enables me by dropping into the shop and sending me photos. Here’s a photo she posted on Instagram (mine are the coral, gold, and cream):


Here’s my fuzzbutt Max with Bradleigh’s House of A La Mode and other stash yarns from my Instagram:


In other news, still haven’t figured out exactly what to do about my accidentally felted sweater from the prior post. I keep thinking about cutting the sleeves off to use as leg warmers and turning the body into a small pillow…but that hasn’t happened yet.

Thanks for reading!


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