#castonallthethings to #WIPdown

In May I went on a #castonallthethings binge, which means that my project bags and needles are all dispersed and in a sad heap. I get a little stressed out when I have too many WIPs on my Ravelry projects page (of course), so I'm in the #WIPdown phase at this point.┬áThis doesn't mean that… Continue reading #castonallthethings to #WIPdown


Impatience: My Biggest Knitting Problem

Now that I'm in a place where I'm able to complete a lot of projects, I'm finding myself even more impatient than I used to be (when I finished very few projects). It seems to be a kind of destination anxiety-hard to enjoy the trip when you're totally concerned with reaching the end point. Don't… Continue reading Impatience: My Biggest Knitting Problem